Helping children and adults with sensory impairment better experience hearing, vision and touch.

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It is essential that the ground breaking research resulting in the cochlear implant (bionic ear), led by Graeme Clark and developed industrially by Cochlear Limited, provide the best possible help to severely deaf children and adults in Australia and around the world.

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I can’t say it enough. You have changed my son’s life forever.”

— Jack Aregood, New Jersey USA

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Support for Disadvantaged Children Needing a Cochlear Implant

Ear Disease and Deafness in Indigenous Australians

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About Graeme Clark

Professor Graeme Clark pioneered the Multi-channel Cochlear Implant for severe-to profound deafness: the first clinically successful sensory interface between the world and human consciousness, and the first major advance in helping deaf children and adults to communicate in a world of sound.

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