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Imagine not being able to hear the world around you. There’s no more music. Only silence when your loved one speaks to you.

Imagine not being able to see anymore. No more witnessing a sunrise or seeing a movie, or the hands and face of a loved one in front of you.

Imagine you lost feeling or movement of your own body. How would your world change? What is now lost to you without your vital senses - of hearing, of sight, or of movement and touch?

Now imagine a world where there is no more permanent disability of the senses. There’s no longer permanent loss of your hearing or of your sight. A world where an injury or disease of the nervous system can be repaired so that you can again move your body and feel the sense of touch.

“Hearing, sight, touch and body movement are fundamentally important. The loss of any one of these senses becomes critical. Restoring these senses should be a priority.”

Professor Graeme Clark AC

The Graeme Clark Foundation supports such possibilities to restore the senses for children and adults who cannot hear, or cannot see, or who cannot function well to move or feel sensation after a spinal cord injury or neurological disease. We hold the vision of a world where there’s no more permanent disability.

Learn more about the Graeme Clark Foundation, the projects we support, and help by making a donation today towards a future free of permanent disability of the body’s vital senses – hearing, vision, movement and touch.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I can’t say it enough. You have changed my son’s life forever.”

— Jack Aregood, New Jersey USA

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Ear Bus ‘Get Loud in India’ Project

Support for Disadvantaged Children Needing a Cochlear Implant

Ear Disease and Deafness in Indigenous Australians

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About Graeme Clark

Professor Graeme Clark pioneered the Multi-channel Cochlear Implant for severe-to profound deafness: the first clinically successful sensory interface between the world and human consciousness, and the first major advance in helping deaf children and adults to communicate in a world of sound.

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